How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times

soldiering on This article is contributed by Morgan Darrow.

Older employees in the workplace can represent many different things: experienced mentors, skilled workers wizened by decades of experience, and models of prosperous work ethic. However, they also represent one of the most rapidly expanding demographics in work forces around the world.

Elderly employees are being worked well past their years of retirement – and the toll of that work so late in their lives begins to show itself in physical wear, mental exhaustion, and anxiety for the future. Continue reading “How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times”

Elderly People And Car Accidents – Older But Not Always Wiser?

This article is contributed by Sarah Henderson from Scotland.

Britain’s roads are busier than ever. And that’s not just because there are more and more cars on the road. People are living longer and many older people are choosing to drive well into their seventies – with some still behind the wheel in their eighties.

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Seniors in the Workplace

This article is contributed by Joffrey Drummond.

Many seniors these days are working well into what would normally be considered their retirement years. Sometimes this is just because they don’t want to settle down and simply spend their time getting “old”. They want to keep active and staying in the work force gives them the stimulation and the social interaction that they crave and need.

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