How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times

soldiering on This article is contributed by Morgan Darrow.

Older employees in the workplace can represent many different things: experienced mentors, skilled workers wizened by decades of experience, and models of prosperous work ethic. However, they also represent one of the most rapidly expanding demographics in work forces around the world.

Elderly employees are being worked well past their years of retirement – and the toll of that work so late in their lives begins to show itself in physical wear, mental exhaustion, and anxiety for the future. Continue reading “How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times”

Don’t Get Angry – Get Working

angry womanThis article is contributed by Chloe Sharpe.

One of the most common emotions we experience when losing our job is anger and resentment. We feel like we have been rejected, cheated and lied to, all in one nasty package. Anger can be a healthy emotion when appropriate, but it can also cause a whole gamut of problems in our lives.

If we are to find decent employment again, we should banish this anger before we can start to feel and act positively once more. If you have had these feelings recently, please check out this small article for some valuable tips.

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