Timeless quotes from centenarians

Although the Budweiser puppy commercial will likely be tops in the cuteness category among the Super Bowl commercials, there was another that was equally engaging.

Dodge automobiles have now been with us for over 100 years. Accordingly their Super Bowl commercial featured some sprightly centenarians giving words of wisdom that are good for all ages.   These centenarians featured the attitude, defiance and an irreverence that is the core of Dodge’s DNA.  Just watch this video to see them in action:

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How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times

soldiering on This article is contributed by Morgan Darrow.

Older employees in the workplace can represent many different things: experienced mentors, skilled workers wizened by decades of experience, and models of prosperous work ethic. However, they also represent one of the most rapidly expanding demographics in work forces around the world.

Elderly employees are being worked well past their years of retirement – and the toll of that work so late in their lives begins to show itself in physical wear, mental exhaustion, and anxiety for the future. Continue reading “How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times”

How Senior Living Communities Are Changing

senior community livingDemographics play an increasingly significant role in our society. As the current generation ages and enters a post-work environment, there is an increasing demand for alternative housing and care options. This is the major factor behind the increase in retirement villages and services that offer residential and community care. Companies such as St Ives are committing substantial resources to the development and operation of such facilities and service capabilities. Continue reading “How Senior Living Communities Are Changing”

Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA

your money goes in taxes This article is contributed by Deadra Plessner. These days, very few people can expect to spend the entirety of their career years with the same employer. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t start planning for their retirement, and right away. The trick is to devise a retirement plan that will move with you from job to job. If you are planning on switching jobs any time soon, then you need to make sure you know how the Rollover IRA works: Continue reading “Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA”