This blog now shows Contributor advertisements

contributor adYou may have noticed in the sidebar a small advertisement that looks like the image to the right. This is for Google Contributor which has now gone live after running for a time on an invitation basis to certain publishers.

We received notice of this via the AdSense newsletter on November 5. It certainly would be handy to be receiving more revenue as a result of this initiative. Continue reading “This blog now shows Contributor advertisements”

6 Things You Didn’t Mention On Your Resume But You Maybe Should

This article is contributed by Kevin David. I bet you think your resume is perfect because you’ve spent so long working on it, … but why haven’t you found your dream job yet? Maybe it’s not as perfect as you think. You could be leaving certain things out because you’ve heard it’s the right thing to do. I want to speak to you about some of the things you might not include on your resume even though they should be on there. You can decide whether or not a rewrite is in order before you send your next one away. Continue reading “6 Things You Didn’t Mention On Your Resume But You Maybe Should”

The Changing Face of the North East UK

lady of the north northumberlandiaEven though you may have left your birthplace many years ago, you always have a certain nostalgia in checking out how the place has evolved. When I was young living in the North East of England, the area was particularly seen as a manufacturing region. Checking out the headlines for the last day or two, you see a very different picture. Continue reading “The Changing Face of the North East UK”

Volunteering – Make A Difference Day Is Saturday October 27

volunteersUSA Weekend Magazine and Points of Light for more than 20 years have joined together to sponsor Make A Difference Day, the largest national day of community service.  This year it will take place on Saturday October 27.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved with some volunteering project on that day. It’s a timely reminder of the importance of volunteers in society and seniors can be a big part of this volunteerism movement as you will see in what follows.  Continue reading “Volunteering – Make A Difference Day Is Saturday October 27”