How Senior Living Communities Are Changing

senior community livingDemographics play an increasingly significant role in our society. As the current generation ages and enters a post-work environment, there is an increasing demand for alternative housing and care options. This is the major factor behind the increase in retirement villages and services that offer residential and community care. Companies such as St Ives are committing substantial resources to the development and operation of such facilities and service capabilities. Continue reading “How Senior Living Communities Are Changing”

Don’t Get Angry – Get Working

angry womanThis article is contributed by Chloe Sharpe.

One of the most common emotions we experience when losing our job is anger and resentment. We feel like we have been rejected, cheated and lied to, all in one nasty package. Anger can be a healthy emotion when appropriate, but it can also cause a whole gamut of problems in our lives.

If we are to find decent employment again, we should banish this anger before we can start to feel and act positively once more. If you have had these feelings recently, please check out this small article for some valuable tips.

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Retired Means You Do Not Do Everything Yourself

retirement jarThis a guest post by Anthony Pitt. Who doesn’t look forward to the day of their retirement finally coming?! You’ve worked long and hard for many years, and the day your retirement arrives is the day when you need to put your feet up. Retirement should be enjoyed to the absolute maximum – you deserve it! The days of long hard graft are well and truly behind you so it’s time to indulge yourself. It’s a time for discovering new skills and talents, as well as putting extra time into yourselves and your families. Continue reading “Retired Means You Do Not Do Everything Yourself”

So you want to volunteer?

senior volunteer This article is contributed by Julia Webb and is written from a UK perspective. Voluntary working can be very rewarding and can help you to develop new skills and even lead to paid employment. There are many types of organisations that take on volunteers so the first step is to narrow down the choices. Think about what kind of organisation you might want to work in and what type of role you might want.  Remember though you have two options here – firstly you can think about what skills you have that you can offer them or secondly you can think about what new skills you could learn. Continue reading “So you want to volunteer?”

Career Doors That are Open for Senior Citizens

worried senior citizen This article is contributed by John Cassidy.

The scenario: you’ve just found your social security is not enough to provide for all your financial needs during your retirement. A part time or a full time job is a great help but you are worried it would be hard to find one for your age, and if you do, a decent wage could be a problem.

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Helping Hands Volunteer

helping hands to the plough This article is contributed by Karen Neagle.

Many people find that attaining a job in a charity is one of the hardest processes. Just as is the case with many job roles these days, there are many applicants and the passion which people demonstrate for the charity they wish to work for is often hard to compete with. It is also often the case that the people who wish to work for the charity in question are extremely anxious to be a part of the organisation in any way shape or form they can find. They offer a helping hand and are rarely refused.

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5 Ways to Keep Feeling Young and Active After Retirement

relaxing in a hammock This article is contributed by Simon Fletcher. It is a day that will come for us all; your working days are over and tomorrow is just an unfilled day. It is on the one hand a moment to relish, but on the other it is a time that can come to signify inaction and emptiness.  The best way to keep feeling young and positive about the possibilities life now offers you is to stay active, to take on new hobbies, and to do the things that you had wanted to all of your life but never had the time. Continue reading “5 Ways to Keep Feeling Young and Active After Retirement”

Volunteering – Make A Difference Day Is Saturday October 27

volunteersUSA Weekend Magazine and Points of Light for more than 20 years have joined together to sponsor Make A Difference Day, the largest national day of community service.  This year it will take place on Saturday October 27.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved with some volunteering project on that day. It’s a timely reminder of the importance of volunteers in society and seniors can be a big part of this volunteerism movement as you will see in what follows.  Continue reading “Volunteering – Make A Difference Day Is Saturday October 27”

Community Gardening for Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Communities

This article is contributed by Karl Stockton.

Gardening as a holistic solution for many of society’s ills was first recognized in the late 19th century school gardening movement. Leaders in the Progressive Movement, many of them directly engaged in public schools, saw gardens as an opportunity to instill the civic virtues of thrift and community while also allowing urban children the opportunity for healthy meals.

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Elderly People And Car Accidents – Older But Not Always Wiser?

This article is contributed by Sarah Henderson from Scotland.

Britain’s roads are busier than ever. And that’s not just because there are more and more cars on the road. People are living longer and many older people are choosing to drive well into their seventies – with some still behind the wheel in their eighties.

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