How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times

soldiering on This article is contributed by Morgan Darrow.

Older employees in the workplace can represent many different things: experienced mentors, skilled workers wizened by decades of experience, and models of prosperous work ethic. However, they also represent one of the most rapidly expanding demographics in work forces around the world.

Elderly employees are being worked well past their years of retirement – and the toll of that work so late in their lives begins to show itself in physical wear, mental exhaustion, and anxiety for the future. Continue reading “How Senior Workers Can Cope in Uncertain Times”

How To Probate A Will

last willIf one of your loved ones has passed away, you may be in charge of distributing their estate. This is known as probate, and the duty will most likely be assigned to you in the will. This basically just means that you are in charge of making sure that everything goes as planned, that the process is smooth, and that everyone really gets the things that were left to them in the will. This can be a rather difficult process, though, so you should take the following things into consideration while doing this job. Continue reading “How To Probate A Will”

Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA

your money goes in taxes This article is contributed by Deadra Plessner. These days, very few people can expect to spend the entirety of their career years with the same employer. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t start planning for their retirement, and right away. The trick is to devise a retirement plan that will move with you from job to job. If you are planning on switching jobs any time soon, then you need to make sure you know how the Rollover IRA works: Continue reading “Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA”

Five Ways to Manage Your Wallet

This article is contributed by Fiona Manderson. Everywhere you look today, the costs of living are rising faster than ever and although rates of inflation are nowhere near the levels that those with longer memories may recall from the 70s, prices do seem to be going forever upward. Continue reading “Five Ways to Manage Your Wallet”