Put a New Spin on Your Career

Are you an experienced professional that is looking to make a change? Whether it is because of shifting employment trends, the desire for additional compensation, or just the desire to try something new, opportunities exist for you to put a new spin on your career. Here are some fast-growing careers that can involve a big payoff with some additional education. Continue reading “Put a New Spin on Your Career”

Moving Forward While Giving Back: Myths About Working for Nonprofits

So far, you’ve spent your whole career working hard, building skills, and becoming a master in your field. Do you ever think about advancing further and leading a team?

Management positions are plentiful in today’s job market and offer opportunities for pay advancement. However, don’t limit yourself to for-profit firms. There are many successful nonprofits that provide excellent professional experience while making positive impacts on society. Continue reading “Moving Forward While Giving Back: Myths About Working for Nonprofits”

Going the Extra Mile for Job Success

Every job position has the potential for promotion possibilities. For example, a receptionist could eventually work as an office manager.

The key to attaining job success starts with the initial career search. By beginning with a company that’s dedicated to their service niche, employees have a chance to soar as new opportunities arise. Continue reading “Going the Extra Mile for Job Success”

Never Put These Things On Your Resume

Looking for a new job? Want to catch the eye of a major business influencer, someone like Bob Bratt? It’s time to get your resume in order!

Avoid these pitfalls to stand out from the crowd and reduce the odds of your resume being scrapped without a second look. Never include the following items. Continue reading “Never Put These Things On Your Resume”

Age-Friendly Workplaces: Benefits of Age Diversity in the Workplace

This article is contributed by Kelly Smith.

As a result of a longer lifespan and an increase in the average age of retirement, we’re seeing more and more seniors staying in the job market and age diversity is becoming a common feature of the modern workplace.

Continue reading “Age-Friendly Workplaces: Benefits of Age Diversity in the Workplace”

Older people – a new power for development

On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated 1 October the International Day of Older Persons.  The proportion of the population over 60 is growing strongly throughout the world. The World Health Organization in its webpage on 1 October: International Day of Older Persons this year  promote survey that Older people are a new power for development.

Continue reading “Older people – a new power for development”

Working toward Post-Graduate Nursing Degrees

online nursing Nurses often work long hours throughout the week. Because they may be at work for as long as twelve hours per shift, it might seem like these professionals have little time to pursue an advanced degree.

However, nurses who want to go back to school to work toward a post-graduate degree have an option that helps them avoid going to on-campus courses. Continue reading “Working toward Post-Graduate Nursing Degrees”

An Online MBA Could Be Your Launchpad

online mba
Courtesy of  ddpavumba via freedigitalphotos.net

Many people dream of the six-figure salaries that come with careers in the business world, but only a fraction of them have the intelligence and work ethic to successfully complete an MBA program.

Are you one of the minority? Do you have what it takes to succeed in business? Here are just a few questions to ask yourself before you enroll in a program. Continue reading “An Online MBA Could Be Your Launchpad”

Help others as a social worker

UNESocial workers can help individuals, families and communities in enhancing their overall lives and well-being. Obtaining a Master of Social Work degree will help students to develop their skills and abilities in order to resolve problems that individuals or families may be experiencing.

Those who have a passion for making a difference and care about people may make excellent social workers. In addition to enhancing the quality of other’s lives, social workers also aim to achieve social justice and help others in reaching their full potential. Continue reading “Help others as a social worker”

Tips to Becoming an Entrepreneur

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While becoming your own boss may seem like a pipe dream, especially in today’s economy, it can still be achieved at any age if you take the right course of action. But where does one start in the sometimes intimidating world of entrepreneurship?

The following tips will help set you on the right path to your new life. Continue reading “Tips to Becoming an Entrepreneur”