How To Probate A Will

last willIf one of your loved ones has passed away, you may be in charge of distributing their estate. This is known as probate, and the duty will most likely be assigned to you in the will. This basically just means that you are in charge of making sure that everything goes as planned, that the process is smooth, and that everyone really gets the things that were left to them in the will. This can be a rather difficult process, though, so you should take the following things into consideration while doing this job. Continue reading “How To Probate A Will”

Get That Job By Networking On LinkedIn

LinkedIn This article is contributed by Jenny Wadlow. LinkedIn is something of a phenomenon. We’re all used to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but if you are looking for a way of increasing your contacts and your business profile then a business networking site is key, and there’s no better than LinkedIn. Continue reading “Get That Job By Networking On LinkedIn”

Don’t Get Angry – Get Working

angry womanThis article is contributed by Chloe Sharpe.

One of the most common emotions we experience when losing our job is anger and resentment. We feel like we have been rejected, cheated and lied to, all in one nasty package. Anger can be a healthy emotion when appropriate, but it can also cause a whole gamut of problems in our lives.

If we are to find decent employment again, we should banish this anger before we can start to feel and act positively once more. If you have had these feelings recently, please check out this small article for some valuable tips.

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Learn A New Language And Become More Popular

goethes werkesThis article is contributed by Charlie Smith. If you really enjoyed languages at school but kind of drifted away from learning French or German, why not pick up where you left off and start all over again? You don’t have to restrict yourself to those European languages, but you can certainly do a lot worse. We live in an increasingly shrinking world, thanks to computers and long haul flights. Having a second language is a real asset nowadays and you will be surprised to learn just how many doors this will open for you. Let’s have a look at some great reasons why having a second language really rocks! Continue reading “Learn A New Language And Become More Popular”

Retired Means You Do Not Do Everything Yourself

retirement jarThis a guest post by Anthony Pitt. Who doesn’t look forward to the day of their retirement finally coming?! You’ve worked long and hard for many years, and the day your retirement arrives is the day when you need to put your feet up. Retirement should be enjoyed to the absolute maximum – you deserve it! The days of long hard graft are well and truly behind you so it’s time to indulge yourself. It’s a time for discovering new skills and talents, as well as putting extra time into yourselves and your families. Continue reading “Retired Means You Do Not Do Everything Yourself”

What’s It Like Working As A Car Salesperson?

senior sales person This article is contributed by Laura Ginn.

If you are considering getting a job as a car salesperson, whether you want to help people find deals on the best new or used cars, you may be wondering whether or not this is the right career path for you.

Perhaps you are wondering what the salary and wages are like, if dealerships provide any benefits, such as health insurance or retirement benefits to their salespeople, and if the job is easy or hard.

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Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA

your money goes in taxes This article is contributed by Deadra Plessner. These days, very few people can expect to spend the entirety of their career years with the same employer. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t start planning for their retirement, and right away. The trick is to devise a retirement plan that will move with you from job to job. If you are planning on switching jobs any time soon, then you need to make sure you know how the Rollover IRA works: Continue reading “Avoid Problems As You Rollover Your 401k To An IRA”

So you want to volunteer?

senior volunteer This article is contributed by Julia Webb and is written from a UK perspective. Voluntary working can be very rewarding and can help you to develop new skills and even lead to paid employment. There are many types of organisations that take on volunteers so the first step is to narrow down the choices. Think about what kind of organisation you might want to work in and what type of role you might want.  Remember though you have two options here – firstly you can think about what skills you have that you can offer them or secondly you can think about what new skills you could learn. Continue reading “So you want to volunteer?”

Career Doors That are Open for Senior Citizens

worried senior citizen This article is contributed by John Cassidy.

The scenario: you’ve just found your social security is not enough to provide for all your financial needs during your retirement. A part time or a full time job is a great help but you are worried it would be hard to find one for your age, and if you do, a decent wage could be a problem.

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Helping Hands Volunteer

helping hands to the plough This article is contributed by Karen Neagle.

Many people find that attaining a job in a charity is one of the hardest processes. Just as is the case with many job roles these days, there are many applicants and the passion which people demonstrate for the charity they wish to work for is often hard to compete with. It is also often the case that the people who wish to work for the charity in question are extremely anxious to be a part of the organisation in any way shape or form they can find. They offer a helping hand and are rarely refused.

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