Barbershop Singing for Human Connections

Barbershop singing is a great way to make connections and to change the mood in stressful situations as this video shows. #barbershop #langley #vancouver

As we all live longer lives and look for quality in that life, the importance of the connections we have with others becomes ever more apparent. According to Scientist Matthew Lieberman, this is something that is hardwired into our nature. In his article, Why We Are Wired to Connect, he states the following:
The data suggests that we are profoundly shaped by our social environment and that we suffer greatly when our social bonds are threatened or severed. When this happens in childhood it can lead to long-term health and educational problems. We may not like the fact that we are wired such that our well-being depends on our connections with others, but the facts are the facts.
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Moving Forward While Giving Back: Myths About Working for Nonprofits

So far, you’ve spent your whole career working hard, building skills, and becoming a master in your field. Do you ever think about advancing further and leading a team?

Management positions are plentiful in today’s job market and offer opportunities for pay advancement. However, don’t limit yourself to for-profit firms. There are many successful nonprofits that provide excellent professional experience while making positive impacts on society. Continue reading “Moving Forward While Giving Back: Myths About Working for Nonprofits”

Older people are happier

Are older people happier in the 20th century?  We added an unprecedented number of  years to our lifespans, but is the quality of life as good?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes!  In this thought provoking video, psychologist Laura Carstensen shows research that demonstrates that as people get older they become happier, more content, and have a more positive outlook on the world.  If you find that difficult to believe, then watch this!
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This blog now shows Contributor advertisements

contributor adYou may have noticed in the sidebar a small advertisement that looks like the image to the right. This is for Google Contributor which has now gone live after running for a time on an invitation basis to certain publishers.

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Going the Extra Mile for Job Success

Every job position has the potential for promotion possibilities. For example, a receptionist could eventually work as an office manager.

The key to attaining job success starts with the initial career search. By beginning with a company that’s dedicated to their service niche, employees have a chance to soar as new opportunities arise. Continue reading “Going the Extra Mile for Job Success”

Three reasons to fire your ghost writer

All of us have at least one book inside us. We all have our own unique way of looking at the world and that can be of interest to others. Provided you keep your eyes and ears open, then you can reveal what others may not see.  

That’s all well and good but how can you write that book. Not everyone has a gift with words and it is essential that your book should maintain the interest of your readers. Continue reading “Three reasons to fire your ghost writer”

Never Put These Things On Your Resume

Looking for a new job? Want to catch the eye of a major business influencer, someone like Bob Bratt? It’s time to get your resume in order!

Avoid these pitfalls to stand out from the crowd and reduce the odds of your resume being scrapped without a second look. Never include the following items. Continue reading “Never Put These Things On Your Resume”

Timeless quotes from centenarians

Although the Budweiser puppy commercial will likely be tops in the cuteness category among the Super Bowl commercials, there was another that was equally engaging.

Dodge automobiles have now been with us for over 100 years. Accordingly their Super Bowl commercial featured some sprightly centenarians giving words of wisdom that are good for all ages.   These centenarians featured the attitude, defiance and an irreverence that is the core of Dodge’s DNA.  Just watch this video to see them in action:

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Older people – a new power for development

On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated 1 October the International Day of Older Persons.  The proportion of the population over 60 is growing strongly throughout the world. The World Health Organization in its webpage on 1 October: International Day of Older Persons this year  promote survey that Older people are a new power for development.

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