Put a New Spin on Your Career

Are you an experienced professional that is looking to make a change? Whether it is because of shifting employment trends, the desire for additional compensation, or just the desire to try something new, opportunities exist for you to put a new spin on your career. Here are some fast-growing careers that can involve a big payoff with some additional education.

Healthcare Management

Are you involved in medical research or a registered nurse in a clinical setting? Getting your MBA in healthcare management can open up a whole new world of job opportunities in a niche that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Do you think that your experience does not apply to business management? It does apply in healthcare settings that are scrambling to manage costs and resources. GW Online notes that the ability of clinical professionals that have worked in teams lends itself extremely well to the field of healthcare management. The fact that these medical professionals have a reality-based view of the healthcare system is also a huge plus.

Teaching Professional

Looking for more fulfillment in your career? You may be one of the many mid-career professionals that might want to consider teaching. There are two broad teaching options either vocational or academic instruction.

Vocational Instruction

This option is especially applicable if you have worked in an industry that needs new vocationally trained workers in such in-demand trades as HVAC engineers, plumbers, or electricians. Working as an instructor can enable you to use your expertise to create opportunities for your trade as well as improving the livelihood of your students.

Academic Instruction

A new career in academic teaching can be in anything from elementary school to post-graduate education. If you are thinking about this area of teaching, take some time to assess where your skills and experience are and how much education you would need in order to become employed. If you are at a Ph.D. level in your field, professional contacts may be able to help you to navigate towards classroom opportunities. Business professionals may be especially suited to teach adult education classes in public speaking or introductory management courses.

If you want to teach elementary, junior high, or high school, there are alternative credentialing routes that can get you trained to teach and into the classroom without undergoing the entire credentialing curriculum. Depending on your original major and your work experience, you may qualify for the U.S. Department of Education’s Transition to Teaching program for mid-career professionals.

Taxation Professional

The tax code is not getting easier and more individuals, businesses, and estates need assistance with their taxes than ever before. Northeastern’s master of science in taxation’s infographic states that the tax preparer field which includes jobs such as auditor, financial consultant, and banker is expected to grow by 16 percent annually. A professional with experience in the fields of business, finance, or law can earn a master’s degree in taxation and transition to a career with more job prospects.

More than ever, opportunities exist for professionals to leverage their career experience to transition into a new industry. A combination of past experience and additional education can lead you to a rewarding new field.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Joby Elliott via Flickr

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