Timeless quotes from centenarians

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Although the Budweiser puppy commercial will likely be tops in the cuteness category among the Super Bowl commercials, there was another that was equally engaging.

Dodge automobiles have now been with us for over 100 years. Accordingly their Super Bowl commercial featured some sprightly centenarians giving words of wisdom that are good for all ages.   These centenarians featured the attitude, defiance and an irreverence that is the core of Dodge’s DNA.  Just watch this video to see them in action:

Their words reflect the positive attitude that will be seen among many in their second age.

  • Live for now
  • Because life is good, you make it good
  • There are miracles all around you.
  • Keep your eyes open and sometimes your mouth shut
  • Don’t complain
  • Tell it like it is
  • Hesitate and you lose
  • Put your pedal to the medal
  • Live fast
  • And never, ever, forget where you came from.
 They reflect the same sentiments you will find in a list of 25 Inspiring Quotes from Extraordinary Centenarians.  Here are some of the best of these:

  • “My 80s were the best years of my life!” — Besse Cooper, 116
  • “Think positively, enjoy your children, enjoy your life.” — Anne Lamont, 100
  • “It is very important to have a widespread curiosity about life.” — Irving Kahn, 106
  • “If it can be fixed, fix it!” — Anne Lomedico, 104
  • “You have to be lucky, but I made the best of things when bad things happened. I also ate prunes every single day.” — Morris Lensky, 101
  • “You must keep active, or you will just wither away. Always be involved in some activity.” — Miriam Henson, 105
  • “Sow good seeds for your children. Teach your children to give.” — Winifred Thomas, 101
  • “Don’t fight the day, just let it be. Get up and be positive.” — Gussie Levine, 100
  • “Do things that you’ve never done before.” —Lillian Modell, 100
  • “I’ll never retire as long as I live—that’s like retiring from life! I’ll never stop writing, teaching, lecturing. If you’re in good health, living is exciting on its own.” — Bel Kaufman, 101
These all reflect the determination and positivity that seniors can bring to any workplace. They also usually know their stuff. You may also find an article in our sister publication, 16 Inspiring Quotes About Aging, of interest.

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