Life’s third act

jane fonda

Since many of us will live to be 90 or more, that means we have one third of our life to live when we attain the age of 60.  Rather than assuming life peaks before this and we are now on the down-slope, many are describing this part of our lives as the third act.
Jane Fonda has written a book about this, Prime Time: Creating a Great Third ACT, and you can see her views in the video that appears below.  As she points out, those in the third act often are happier, have greater freedom to do what they want and have the confidence of their advanced years. Thinking like that, there is no end to the possibilities you can pursue.

Rosa Harris-Adler goes even further in believing that Life’s third act gives us a chance to shake it all up. She cites as examples:

  • Older people are more likely to divorce
  • Professionally, older people are shaking it up
  • Geezers are on the move
She sums it all up with the following words:
As we age, we have a new opportunity to learn the lessons of the heart so that when the film of our life is complete, the theatre erupts to shouts of ‘Bravo!’
Now is the time for all of us to ensure our third acts are ones to remember.

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