Getting That Job In The Social Media Age

Your online profile in social media can be impressive versus newcomers to the job market.

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As a senior who is looking for a job, you may find the thought of competing against all those bright young people in the job marketplace somewhat daunting.

It’s not surprising to see a senior write online about the challenges of getting around the age factor in the job hunt. After all, some employers may exhibit ageism and preferentially hire younger people.

Even if you’re well-respected, dynamic and an action-oriented professional you may well wonder how best to navigate in that treacherous job market.
Luckily if you are active online in social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, then it may well be that your profile compares well with what may be found for young people without much job experience under their belts.

Employers will often use hiring software to make sure they get the maximum information about every candidate who may be of interest. This will combine information from a number of sources to give a complete profile. Bear in mind that information on the Internet is easily found and persists almost as if written in stone.

To make the very best impression in that all-important interview, you should check on what anyone will find if they do a search for you in any of the popular social media. In some cases, you can edit and improve your profile by adding details on your accomplishments in life. If you can get recommendations from some of those you have worked with over the years, this is a real boost to your chances.

Remember after all, that getting older means you develop more life skills. That’s something money cannot buy.
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