The Changing Face of the North East UK

lady of the north northumberlandiaEven though you may have left your birthplace many years ago, you always have a certain nostalgia in checking out how the place has evolved. When I was young living in the North East of England, the area was particularly seen as a manufacturing region. Checking out the headlines for the last day or two, you see a very different picture. Tourism now seems to be a key industry here.  So we see that Tourist chiefs are securing funding for a new visitors facility at Northumberlandia.  Apparently more than 100,000 people have seen the stunning, 400m-long Northumberlandia artwork near Cramlington since it opened less than a year ago. The artwork represents a naked female figure but clearly done on an awe-inspiring scale. A very different attraction is that County Durham is expecting an Ashes windfall.
For the first time, Durham’s Chester-le-Street cricket ground is to hold the fourth Test on Friday between England and Australia. … The Chester-le-Street ground has previously held Tests against Zimbabwe in 2003, Bangladesh in 2005 and West Indies twice in 2007 and 2009. The ground has an attractive backdrop, sitting beside the wooded banks of the River Wear below the 14th Century Lumley Castle.
This expansion of activities in the North East will provide a host of related job opportunities. Anyone looking for new employment should check out the wide variety of north east jobs available.  . Undoubtedly whatever your skills, talents and experience may be, there probably is a job waiting for you.
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