5 Great Tips For Setting Yourself Apart From The Crowd At A Job Interview.

the_interviewThis article is contributed by Kevin Wright. When you go to an interview you have to remember you’re not as special as you think you are. A lot of people are qualified and it will keep them in the selection process, but at the end of the day you need to stand out or you won’t be the one getting the job. The reason for this is because nearly everyone else getting interviewed has very similar qualifications to you. There definitely won’t be much to separate each candidate which makes it very hard on the person conducting the interviews. If you want to be successful you should set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. That isn’t always easy to do, so we’re going to look at some of the ways you might be able to accomplish it.

Do some volunteering

be a volunteer When you hear about someone donating their money to charity you are proud of them because they are doing their part to change the world. People feel even more strongly about someone who volunteers their time because that person is getting into the thick of the action. If you volunteer you will definitely impress people when they read it on your resume, plus you will get to help the unfortunate at the same time. This should be something you want to do, so don’t do it if you’ll hate it.

Intern at a company

intern at a companyIf you’ve never worked in a particular industry before it means the company taking you on will be risking a lot. Maybe there will be someone else suited to the job because they have already spent a few years at another company getting experience. If you want to land a job in a particular industry it’s a good idea to spend some time interning at a company first. Even if they don’t give you a full-time job, I bet they will give you a great reference and it will lessen the risk of someone hiring you.

Speak more than one language

speak more than one languageMost companies will be impressed if you can speak more than one language. It’s obviously not a requirement, but it will definitely go in your favor because it can come in so handy. A lot of customers will be foreign and if you can speak with them in their own tongue they will appreciate it a lot. Your customer service skills go from good to fantastic within an instant. Being able to speak more than one language will be looked on even more favorably.

Be really confident

confidenceThe biggest majority of people going for an interview will probably not make a big impression. I’m not saying they will all be shy, but they will just act normal which still seems defensive. You should go in there acting confident even if you aren’t because it will make a great first impression. It will look like you’re very passionate about the job and the interviewer will assume you’re a person who can get something done. You might be passionate and hard-working already, but they won’t know that.

Tell amazing stories

tell a storyEveryone in the world loves stories. They have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. When people are selling something online they build a story around it and earn millions. People just like to listen to a good story. I’m not saying you have to sit and talk about that time you got drunk in college, but if you have some short stories you can tell them it will mean they remember you when they’re whittling down the applications.

No more lazy days

no more lazy daysIf you use these techniques you have a better chance of landing a job, of course that is only if all other things are equal. Sometimes it’s just about being a little bit different because separating yourself from others in the group works. Author Bio: The author of this post, Kevin Wright, is an employee at IN-Fusion Management. Painting and decorating his own space are a few of his favorite things to do. Image Credits:
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