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angry womanThis article is contributed by Chloe Sharpe.

One of the most common emotions we experience when losing our job is anger and resentment. We feel like we have been rejected, cheated and lied to, all in one nasty package. Anger can be a healthy emotion when appropriate, but it can also cause a whole gamut of problems in our lives.

If we are to find decent employment again, we should banish this anger before we can start to feel and act positively once more. If you have had these feelings recently, please check out this small article for some valuable tips.

Why Anger?

We feel anger at becoming unemployed because it is a natural reaction to rejection and confusion. The need to blame somebody is part of the human condition, we feel anger at ourselves and usually at our employers. Losing control is one of the worst things that can happen to an adult, and this can make us very angry indeed!

Health and Anger

heart monitor As mentioned previously, feeling anger for the right reasons is a healthy reaction, but it can also be harmful when we are unable to control this emotion. The following health issues are a direct result of misplaced and prolonged anger;

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Colds and Flu
  • Depression
  • Heart Attacks
  • Digestion Problems

How To Deal With Anger

yoga poseWhen we experience anger we tend to have a physical reaction to this emotion, usually our body’s way of telling us to calm down and chill out. The best way to deal with anger is by recognising the early warning signs first.

If you feel your heart rate rising and you start to breath faster, this is an early warning sign, and you are preparing for some kind of reaction to something that has just occurred. If you start to feel this way, you need to count to 10 and try to reduce your breathing pattern. As you breathe out, you should hold this action a little longer and relax as you inhale. You should be able to think a little clearer as a result of this action.

Long Term Fixes

exercisesIf you find yourself becoming angry on a regular basis, the above reaction will not really make these feelings go away.

You need to look at a long term solution to these feelings, but if you realise they are happening, you are at least starting to deal with your condition. Here are some excellent ways of bringing your anger levels down:

  • Exercise – Start to look after your body again and you will be amazed how quickly your anger dissipates. You will start to feel and look better and soon you will be a new person!
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs – many younger people use drugs recreationally without understanding the side effects. Booze and drink can make you very short tempered, particularly when you develop a dependency to either of them.
  • Get Help – If you feel that your anger is starting to dictate the way that you live your life, please speak to your GP and ask about professional assistance.
Author Bio: Chloe Sharpe has a lot of empathy for all those struggling to find employment and hopes to help them cope better with the situation. She works for Job Seekers’ Allowance and you can find her on Twitter @ChloeJSA.

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