What’s It Like Working As A Car Salesperson?

senior sales person This article is contributed by Laura Ginn.

If you are considering getting a job as a car salesperson, whether you want to help people find deals on the best new or used cars, you may be wondering whether or not this is the right career path for you.

Perhaps you are wondering what the salary and wages are like, if dealerships provide any benefits, such as health insurance or retirement benefits to their salespeople, and if the job is easy or hard.

This article will hopefully answer most of your questions about working at a car dealership as a salesman or saleswoman, so that you can make the right decision that will bring you money, success, and happiness.

Education and Experience Required

When it comes to becoming a car salesperson, you can probably find many dealerships that are willing to give you a job even if you do not have previous experience selling cars and even if you do not have a college degree. If you do, however, have prior sales experience in any capacity, this will most likely make you an even more desirable candidate, as can having a college education. However, since these are not required, selling cars is a great way to earn money and start on a new career path.

No Salary, Just Commission

Car salespeople earn income whenever they make a sale. They get a commission, or a certain percentage of a sale, based on the amount of money they sold the car for. Depending upon where you live, you will get a different commission rate for selling cars. This is why salespeople at car dealerships are so motivated to get you as a customer as soon as you walk onto the lot. Making a sale is their only hope of making money, and so the more sales they make, and the higher the car prices, the more money they will earn.

While working on a commission basis may be great during those times that you make a lot of sales, there can be days when you go to work and make no sales whatsoever, which means you make no money on those days either. The good news is that most of the dealerships out there today will offer their salespeople benefits, such as health insurance.

Gain Access to the Best Deals on the Best Cars

As a salesperson, you will have access to all of the newest cars available on the market, and you will be able to test-drive them for yourself. You can also get deep discounts on cars that you purchase for yourself and your friends and family may also be able to benefit from these same discounts.

Ability to Help People

One of the best things about being a car salesperson is the ability to help people who are having a difficult time finding a great car at a great price. You can help people who are on tight budgets or who have poor credit find a car that they will love, and this can bring you much happiness and fulfilment.

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