Career Doors That are Open for Senior Citizens

worried senior citizen This article is contributed by John Cassidy.

The scenario: you’ve just found your social security is not enough to provide for all your financial needs during your retirement. A part time or a full time job is a great help but you are worried it would be hard to find one for your age, and if you do, a decent wage could be a problem.

Some of our senior citizens face this problematic situation; thankfully, there are groups that believe age is just a number, and that older workers are still an important part of the workforce.

Associations such as the AARP (Association for Retired Persons) teamed up with companies that believe in the contributions of senior citizens. These companies believe that the older workforce contribute leadership, skill and experience to various jobs.

jobs for senior citizens Here are some of the companies that believe in the contributions of senior citizens.

1. Home Depot

home depot This is one company specializing in hiring senior citizens. Home depot has around 350,000 employees in different countries including the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company is renowned as the largest home improvement retailer and are particularly looking for workers older than 50. These workers are usually experienced electricians, plumbers, or general contractors. Here senior employees can receive both full and part time benefits, even tuition reimbursements and opportunities for professional growth. In addition to that, employees can also benefit from flexible training and work schedules, 401K benefits, apprenticeship and internship and in certain cases temporary or seasonal work in addition to a permanent work.

2. CVS Pharmacy

cvs logo With over 5,400 stores in 36 states, 13, regional business offices and distribution centers and one store support center in Woonsocket, employment opportunities are definitely available. The company offers job positions for managers, pharmacists, logistics, pharmacy technicians, lab supervisors and technicians and even entry level associates. This company specializes in offering senior citizens the employment opportunity fit for them. Employee benefits for this company include 401K, flexible schedules, employee discounts, job sharing and internship and apprenticeship in some cases. These full benefits are given to both part time and full time employees and employees can choose to work in a part time, full time, seasonal or temporary basis.

3. Walgreens

Walgreen Logo Another company open for senior citizens is Walgreens. The company currently has over 163,000 employees, has 4,400 stores in 44 states and in Puerto Rico and even provides additional services through different departments such as Walgreens Health Initiatives, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, Walgreens Mail Service, and Walgreens Home Care.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by John Cassidy, author of numerous web based articles on job opportunities. John particularly writes about jobs in Jordan for senior citizens, women and even young aspiring individuals.

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