Seniors in the Workplace

This article is contributed by Joffrey Drummond.

Many seniors these days are working well into what would normally be considered their retirement years. Sometimes this is just because they don’t want to settle down and simply spend their time getting “old”. They want to keep active and staying in the work force gives them the stimulation and the social interaction that they crave and need.

seniors in the workplace Other times, people over the age of 60 continue in the work force because they have been hard hit financially by the economic crises that keep hitting everyone. Maybe their retirement savings were used up, or else they just were not able to plan and save for their future retirement days. Sometimes they simply underestimated how much they would need to save in order to cover their living expenses as they got older.

While some people see seniors in the work place as a liability, many companies and employees are seeing them as the asset to the business that they really are. Many people feel that it is not worth it to hire people after their retirement age, because of the amount of health care insurance that they use. While it is true that people in their fifties, sixties and older will usually cost more when it comes to health insurance, they also bring a huge list of benefits to the table that far outweigh health care costs.

Here are a few things that companies and business owners stand to gain by hiring older members of the work force:

  1. Experience

Seniors will have years of experience under their belts that the younger generation of workers simply don’t have yet. They’ve experienced the ups and downs of business and they have probably worked with and under many different people and personality types. Taking this into account, older workers are generally able to use this working experience to balance younger and more volatile teams of employees out. They can also be the go-to people when something goes wrong in the office or business because they have probably been in a similar situation before and can give advice on how to best handle it.

  1. Communication and People Skills

As we grow older, our communication and interpersonal skills greatly increase. Older people are thus often better able to explain or present things, verbally, in a clear and easy to understand way. As mentioned before, they also have experience dealing with many different personality types. This allows them to not to get ruffled or upset when a customer, co-worker or employee acts out in an unacceptable way. Add this to their excellent communication skills, and it makes hiring an older worker to fill customer service or human relations positions a great choice.

  1. Easier to Relate to

Another reason some business decide to hire seniors is because they may cater to an older market demographic. It can be difficult for younger workers to relate to the needs of elderly customers and vice versa. By hiring someone who is also older, someone who is in their age range, you make your company much more welcoming to your more senior customers. This helps to meet their needs more efficiently because older employees can understand the needs of these customers better.

These are just three of the great benefits of having seniors in the work place. Far from being a burden, having older workers can serve as a balancing factor in your office and can bring many other benefits that can help boost the company’s success.

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