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Perhaps you always wanted to drive a steam train.  If you are thinking of a second career, then unfortunately that choice may not be easily available. steam train driver

Second Career Planning and Ideas

To help you home in on real opportunities, there are a number of articles that you may find helpful.
  • Do You Need a Second Career?– Older workers face a working crossroads as they near retirement age (US News)
  • How To Find Fulfilling Work in Retirement– Finding The Right Second Career Starts With A Little Brainstorming  (Money Over 55)
  • 6 Tips on Planning a Second Career– Moving into a new field later in life can be fulfilling. Here’s how to do it (US News)
  • Planning For A Second Career– The most successful career switchers take years to learn new skills, network and prepare financially. Here’s how to plan for a second career. (Forbes)
  • How to launch a second career– If you’re like millions of others, you’ve been laid off. Or you haven’t been, but you wish you would be. (
  • 10 Second Career Ideas for Retirees– If you think that most seniors are content to sit at home and play golf once they retire, prepare to think again: Nearly three-quarters of retirees plan to get new jobs once they quit the rat race. (HowStuffWorks)
  • 10 Best Jobs For A Second Career – The positions listed are relatively high paying, don’t require an advanced degree, aren’t management-level jobs, have good growth projections and employ relatively large numbers of people. (AOL)

Second Career In Ontario

The Ontario provincial government provides financial support for those looking for a second career.  Here are relevant link is that describe what is available.
  • Second Career– Laid off? Looking for a new career? Second Career is an Ontario government program that can help you.
  • – Second Career is an Ontario government program that will pay your tuition.
Many colleges offer programs that can be covered by the Second Career funding.  For example, George Brown College offers more than 50 Second-Career-eligible programs.  Qualified applicants may get financial help with tuition, books and supplies, transportation, and living expenses associated with their education.

Other Second Career Opportunities

If your needs are not met by what is being discussed already, then you may need to do your own research.  Here are just two examples of other programs that are available. Second Career Volunteer details how pre/post retirees, Boomers, unemployed college graduates, and those displaced by the current financial upheaval can get-out-and-give back within their budget while sharing their skills. Whether one week, one month or one year, single or a couple, this lifestyle allows travel, camaraderie, and adventure, irrespective of finances.

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Tata SCIP (Second Career Internship Programme) was launched in March 2008 on International Women’s Day . It is a career transition management programme for women professionals who have taken a break of 1-8 years for any reason, and wish to re-enter the professional space. Photo credit: mikecogh via photo pin cc
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