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Many reaching what is normally thought of as the age of retirement, say fifty five years old or so, are now deciding to take up a second career.  That may be due to force of circumstances or may be a conscious determination to do something completely different.  In either case, it is important to realistically compare the career choices before making the plunge. caring for the wetlands In a nutshell, a senior brings to the work place a valuable package of skills and experience.  He or she should therefore make sure that they get exactly the job that will be truly fulfilling and which will meet their emotional and financial needs.

What A Senior Offers To An Employer

Unless a senior is thinking of taking up an entirely new activity, they can deliver on many of the following attributes:
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Working skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Dedication and reliability
This is an attractive package to any employer, who should therefore be willing to put together a rewards package in line with what is being delivered.

What You Should Look For In Your Next Career

If you are the one who is looking for the job, then you have many advantages over that nervous twenty-year-old job seeker.  Here are just some of the elements you should be looking for in that new position:
  • Any position with a financially stable company that is likely to grow
  • A work culture that fits your own particular style of working
  • Team members who will be a pleasure to work with
  • A place where you can have fun
  • A compensation and benefits package that fits your needs

The Greater Demand For Senior Workers

Underlying the search for new employment is the coming worker shortage as many boomers leave the work force.  Ageism is rightly seen as a form of discrimination that should not be tolerated.  Seniors live longer and are healthier and are just as capable of reliably doing a good job as compared with more junior employees.

The Bottom Line – What Job Should I Look For

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Barry Welford

If you are continuing in the same line of work that you have done in the first part of your life, then the job choice to be made is fairly straightforward.  If on the other hand you have decided to switch fields entirely and pursue a lifelong dream, then some more fundamental thinking and planning is needed.  A key determinant is the amount of revenue you must generate in any given month.  If your budget requires a stable source of funds, then you cannot afford to be super optimistic on a risky new venture. However if your life dream is all important to you, then you may decide that you will be ready for whatever life may throw at you. Whatever you decide, we hope it will work out well for you.
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