The Ship Is Launched

Writing the very first post in a new blog is always very daunting.  How can you prepare your audience for what is to come?  With a somewhat enigmatic title like Senior Jobs Memos, how can you guess where this may go.  It struck me that it’s almost like being at the launching of a ship.  For me that is a somewhat nostalgic memory for when I was very young, my grandfather, John William Welford, who worked in the shipyard at Hartlepool, took my brother (John Welford also but then most often known as Tony Welford) and me to see a few launches. These were quite large ships and usually a bottle of champagne was smashed on the bow often by a lady and the ship slid down the slipway.  Since the channel they were launched into was relatively narrow, the ship dragged a mass of chains as it went down the slip so that it did not enter the water at too high a speed. As you may imagine, the incredible noise only added to the excitement. The picture below shows a ship launched from that same shipyard some ten years before the ones I saw.  This passenger ferry was launched in 1934 from the shipyard of William Gray & Co.  It has now been restored and is now the largest exhibit at the Museum of Hartlepool. ship launch at hartlepool The website for Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience includes the following image, which shows the kind of paneling my grandfather built as a cabinet maker. I hope the Hartlepool Museum will not mind me showing this small appetizer to what they have to offer. panelled dining room on paddle steamer Unfortunately the William Gray shipyard closed in 1963 due to lack of orders.  Undoubtedly many people lost their jobs at that time and many of them were seniors, particularly if your definition is anyone over fifty five.  Which is one way into the myriad of topics we will be covering on this blog.

Retiring from the job market

Perhaps the instant picture that people associate with the word seniors is that of retirement.  After a lifetime of pursuing the daily grind, the senior can take a rest.  That is very far from the truth for so many seniors nowadays.  Here are just some of the reasons why seniors do not retire as traditionally imagined.
  • Insufficient funds to support themselves
  • Turning to the second career they always had in mind
  • Getting bored sitting at home
  • Wish to give back to others as a volunteer
… and the list could go on and on.

Seniors live longer

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Barry Welford

The reason for this change is that seniors are now living longer and are fitter and in better health.  Whereas three scores and ten (70 years) used to be seen as an age rarely attained, now many people live beyond the century. The traditional age of retirement at 55 or 60 is now merely the entry point to the second half of your life.  What goals will you set for yourself?  How will you best use your time?  In this blog you will find discussions and helpful advice on all these issues. Image Credit: Courtesy of dommylive via Flickr
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